Why You Should Hire A Fire Damage Expert To Clean Up After A Kitchen Fire

stove with fire damage

Kitchen fires produce a mix of residues that need to be cleaned up properly – One big challenge of a kitchen fire is that you often have more than one type of material that burns and leaves a residue. Understanding how to clean these residues and the tools to use is not an easy task for the average home/property owner. Here are the types of residues that need to be cleaned:

  • Natural substances such as paper, wood or natural fabrics
  • Protein substances such as burnt food and grease
  • Synthetic substances such as plastics (like on your microwave or a cooking utensil)

Ideally, each type of substance should be cleaned with the proper method specific to that substance.

That smoky smell is tough to combat – You can clean and clean, but the smell of smoke can still remain. The size of a smoke particle is .004 microns in size (you need a microscope to see it ). Each one of these particles has an odor. These small microscopic particles get inside your walls through your air ducts, into your cabinets, behind the wood trim, underneath your carpet, etc. Even if you are the best cleaner, there are so many places you may miss and it can take weeks for the smell to finally dissipate.

The fire may have done more damage than you think – Yes, you can usually tell if there has been any damage to your house. However, if flames shot up through an air duct, for instance, it’s possible that there could be damage that you can’t see. Having an expert come out and inspect your home can be worth the peace of mind.

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